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Hearts Afire Rescue
The “Kritter Gitters”, also known as Bob and Cathy Anderson, have been involved in wildlife rescue, rehabilitation, relocation, and preservation for over 30 years. They own and operate two companies: ( Hearts Afire Mini Ranch ) A working ranch to raise and care for mini farm animals, including horses, donkeys, goats, wallabies, pigs, and cows.


The Kritter Gitters also operate a non-profit (501 [3][c] company, Fur and Feathers Rescue and Rehabilitation Inc. (doing business in Texas as Hearts Afire Deer Rescue Inc.) to rescue and rehabilitate injured, sick, or abandoned wild animals. We also take in exotic animals and any livestock either abondoned or unwanted. We do not work with dogs, cats or birds. Fur and Feathers is a fully licensed and certified rehab center doing business in New Mexico and Texas. Kritter Gitters recently relocated it's headquarters to Wills Point Texas.



 Animal activities undertaken by the Kritter Gitters are conducted free of charge to the community. The ranch itself is where the Kritter Gitters call home and are not involved in any commercial animal activities. Hearts Afire Deer Rescue operates strickly on public donations. The company is a licensed non-profit organization and does not pay staff. It is a 100% volunteer organization that relies on peoples generosity to help the creatures in need.

Educational Programs

Another major emphasis of the Kritter Gitters is to provide animal education programs to young people. We try to keep our facilities interesting, friendly, and clean to provide an environment for learning. We stress animal appreciation, animal care, and safety around animals. There is never a charge for educational programs.

Donations can be sent to:

Hearts Afire Deer Rescue Inc.

320 VZCR 3219

Wills Point, Texas 75169 




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