Paying The Bills

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FUNDING Hearts Afire Rescue

Wild animal rescue is a very costly activity. Animals have basic needs, including food, water and shelter that in the wild are provided by mother nature.  When animals enter rehabilitation these basic necessities become the responsibility of the rehabilitation facility.

A major expense is the feed. Every species has unique food requirements ranging from a specific species of leaf to an imported special formulated grain. Most new born animals have a diet consisting of mostly milk. Because animals also have unique digestive issues, milk seletion must be made with care. Reguardless of the milk required, it is all very costly. Milk for most animals cost about $10 per day. Pellets, grain, and pet foods are also very costly. Special order foods really drive up costs.

Housing facilities also pose a significant expense. Animals must be kept in a clean, quiet and secure enclosure. Since animals come in different sizes, so do their housing enclosures. Enclosures that maintain animal security and are easy to keep clean can be very expensive. Some smaller enclosures can be obtained commercially but enclosures and fencing for larger animals must be custom built and can require large construction projects. Some enclosures that require heat and light can also result in the installation of utilities.

One of the largest costs associated with rehabilitation is the medical expenses. Injured animals usually require attention from a veterinarian. Medications and services can cost hundreds of dollars per visit. Medical supplies and medicines for prolonged care at the rehabilitation facility are also very costly.

Hearts Afire Rescue is a non profit company and relies on the public for financial support.

Where We Get Our Funding

Fur and Feathers Rescue (Hearts Afire) has been rescuing wild animals for over 30 years. For many years we operated

on donations from the public sector. Money was always tight, but our generous supporters made sure we kept our doors open. Since the economic down turn, donations have almost completely dried up. Unfortunately, the poor economy has had zero effect on the number of injured, abandoned or sick wild animals. We continue to hope for donations from those who love and appreciate wild animals, but we have been forced to try an additional approach. Hearts Afire Deer Rescue has opened a resale store in Myrtle Springs, Texas. This store carries a huge variety of merchandise. A majority of merchandise is new, but we also sell donated items, used items, and consignment items. Because most of our time is spent with the animals, we only open the store on Friday, Saturday and a few hours on Sunday. 100% of the proceeds from the resale shop go to supporting the animals. There are no salaries paid to the volunteers who work at the shop.

How Can You Help?

If you want to support wild animal rescue in East Texas, please send us a tax deductable donation to:


320 VZCR 3219

Wills Point Texas 75169


Stop by the resale shop in Myrtle Springs (US 64 and 1504) 1 mile north of I-20 (open Friday and Saturday 9=4)

or..... Donate from the home page of this web site.