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Fur and Feathers Rescue and Rehabiliation Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to rescue and rehabilitation of any non-domestic or exotic animal in distress. Our primary mission is to rehabilitate wild animals and get them back into the wild. This service is FREE 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Fur and Feathers has a rescue center in New Mexico and in Texas.  In New Mexico, the Corrales Animal Services’ is dedicated to the preservation and well being of wildlife in the Village of  Corrales and works in partnership with Fur and Feathers Rescue, South East Sandoval County. To contact the Corrales facility for information or to make donations, call 505-898-6891 or email sjfw@juno.com.

Fur and Feathers rescues and rehabilitates any wild animal, exotic, reptile, or farm animal  in need of help Although there are several rehabilitation facilities available, Fur and Feathers is one of the very few that train volunteers to go into the field and rescue. Working with many animal control agencies and municipalities, Fur and Feathers respond to any call involving wild animals, provides first aid, and stabilizes the animals for transport to the rehab facility. Fur and Feathers offers a free training academy to volunteers that enable them to safely and humanely pick up and handle wild animals. The academy is funded by grants and allocations from city governments.


Fur  and Feathers also conducts numerous educational programs designed to promote animal appreciation and understanding. The programs are given at the rehab facility or at schools, churches, scouting functions, fairs and community activities. The programs are presented free of charge and are generally geared  toward children. There are several non-releasable animals that are housed full time at the facility and are used in these programs. In  2004, Fur and Feathers sponsored the first New Mexico snake awareness day. This activity brought together reptile experts from throughout the state to educate the public about these misunderstood reptiles. Over 250 people attended this event. The organization also sponsors a program called “Habitat Understanding.” We certainly do not encourage anyone to keep any wild animal as a pet, but we understand that many young children  pick up lizards and snakes and take them home. Many of these creatures die because the kids don’t know how to care for them. The Habitat Understanding program encourages youngsters that capture these crawly creatures to bring their parents to the facility where we will help them build a proper habitat for their new pet. We teach the family how to feed and care for their animal. We give instruction on danger signs and problem identification. We then give the new habitat to the child and try to get him or her to agree to let the creature go free when school starts. 

Where do we go from here?

Shortly after moving our facility to Texas, we contacted the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) and asked for an informal needs analysis. We learned that the biggest need in this area seemed to be deer rescue. We were told that often baby deer are found and TPWD officers don't have enough places to take them. After having a few discussions with TWPD, it was decided that Fur and Feathers Rescue would focus on deer rescue and rehabilitation. Business for this deer rescue facility will be conducted as; "Hearts Afire Deer Rescue".

We strongly encourage the public to help support this effort so we can continue to have a good healthy deer population in Texas. Because this is a new facility with some unique needs, we really need fencing and 8-10 ft. fence posts. If you have any of these materials you are not using, please consider donating them to this cause. Thank you.

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